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Ann's Jewelry Story

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This week's story comes from Ann of West Chester, OH! Her story goes to show that no matter how small the piece of jewelry, the sentimental value can be enormous...

"When I was a little girl, my mother wore a small silver ring on her right hand. She usually wore "big" jewelry so this was out of character but she always wore it. It had the thinnest band I've ever seen, even to this day - more like a silver thread than band. The top of the ring looked like a small mountain with a flat top and the sides had delicate filagree detailing and one tiny diamond buried in the center. It was such a fascinating ring, so unassuming - my mother was anything but unassuming. But it was also elegant and she WAS that. When we were in church or anywhere she was contained so I could actually sit by her and just look at that ring, I studied it with a strange preoccupation. I was mesmerized by it and would rotate it slowly on her finger, examining it from all sides as if I were a gemologist. Then one day when I turned 13, my mother sat me down and explained the ring was now mine. This ring had been worn by all the women in her family and now it was my turn -  she explained that one day I would give it to my daughter and then she hers, and on and on. I wore that ring, imagining all the fingers this ring had graced. All the smart, beautiful, strong women that were part of my history. I spent years and years imagining passing along this small yet powerful representation of our womanhood to my daughter. Today a beautiful, newly married woman, my daughter wears this ring and every chance I get I sit on her right side so I can study that ring on HER finger and imagine the girls to come who will wear that ring."

Ann has won a $100 gift card to the studio. Thank you for your submission Ann, and we encourage everyone to keep the submissions coming in!