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Katie's Jewelry Story

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This week's great Jewelry Story comes to us from Katie of Cincinnati, OH! Her story helps show that jewelry isn't just something we wear, jewelry can be used to capture the essence of a moment and help celebrate the best things that can happen in life...

The morning we were leaving for an all-inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic, I decided to take a pregnancy test, just in case ... I hadn't been feeling myself. It was positive and I wasn't sure what to think! I could not enjoy everything that was included with our trip! We still did many of the beach vacation excursions, including a snorkeling and beach cook-out/booze cruise. Instead of partying at the beach cabana, I wandered along the water, looking for beach glass. One of the men that worked with the trip came down to the water to ask if I was alright and I told him why I wasn't partying like everyone else. He fished through the water and found a large piece of green beach glass and gave it to me. It was perfectly imperfect! I had wanted to be surprised until the baby came to find out it if was a boy or a girl; the green beach glass confirmed we should be surprised. The baby (a boy) was born in October, and during my maternity leave I brought the beach glass to Paolo and requested that a pendant be made to celebrate our trip, our baby and the new life we were embarking on. Every time I wear the piece I am reminded of beautiful beaches, the kindness of strangers and the hope of new life.

Katie has won a $100 gift card to the studio! There are two weeks left for the competition so be sure to get your entries in before it ends!