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Jim and Joanne's Story

Michael Stricker

Jim and I just wanted to thank you and Toby for a wonderful evening, Saturday. We had so much fun and so appreciated the attention and patience that you both had with us! Will the pieces be ready by Christmas??? Haha, just kidding! I know it is February. I'm really excited about it!

We had a great dinner at Prime, the food was terrific. Our driver, David, was also wonderful! I just can't tell you how much we enjoyed being spoiled. This is something that we have never experienced!

I really loved how Toby listened to my specific requests and details and designed some perfect pieces of jewelry that were important to me. Kudos! I'm very excited to see the final pieces in person!

Please, give that pup a kiss for me! He's a big sweetie! Don't forget to try some honey on his sores.

Well, thank you again for a wonderful evening! Please tell Toby, and the rest of the staff, how much we appreciate their special attention, as well!

Thanks for everything and look forward to seeing you in February!

Wendy's Story

Michael Stricker

Paolo said it best “I want to be your personal jeweler” and that is exactly what he delivered! After purchasing an estate engagement ring we immediately thought to establish a relationship with a local jeweler. The “city casual” décor is relaxed with cool vibes and warm conversation. Everyone on location has a part in your specific piece of jewelry. While discussing sizing/cleaning of our engagement ring Paolo explained how he can design and create a custom wedding band along with the expert jewelers, designers and craftsmen he works with. The result was a completely custom made, complimenting match to my estate piece! Truly one of a kind and unique to me. Along with our custom piece we decided on a wedding band for my husband (also customized) and had another inherited estate piece sized to perfection. We look forward to working with Paolo and his team in the future and continuing the relationship with our fabulous “personal jeweler”. Wendy and Martin

Ian's Story

Michael Stricker

Paolo recently helped me create the perfect engagement ring for my lovely wife to be. The process was fun and collaborative, and the final product turned out beautifully. He doesn't oversell, and helps you get the best ring for your budget. A great overall experience.

Katie's Jewelry Story

StoriesPaolo Salamone

This week's great Jewelry Story comes to us from Katie of Cincinnati, OH! Her story helps show that jewelry isn't just something we wear, jewelry can be used to capture the essence of a moment and help celebrate the best things that can happen in life...

The morning we were leaving for an all-inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic, I decided to take a pregnancy test, just in case ... I hadn't been feeling myself. It was positive and I wasn't sure what to think! I could not enjoy everything that was included with our trip! We still did many of the beach vacation excursions, including a snorkeling and beach cook-out/booze cruise. Instead of partying at the beach cabana, I wandered along the water, looking for beach glass. One of the men that worked with the trip came down to the water to ask if I was alright and I told him why I wasn't partying like everyone else. He fished through the water and found a large piece of green beach glass and gave it to me. It was perfectly imperfect! I had wanted to be surprised until the baby came to find out it if was a boy or a girl; the green beach glass confirmed we should be surprised. The baby (a boy) was born in October, and during my maternity leave I brought the beach glass to Paolo and requested that a pendant be made to celebrate our trip, our baby and the new life we were embarking on. Every time I wear the piece I am reminded of beautiful beaches, the kindness of strangers and the hope of new life.

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Kyra's Jewelry Story

StoriesPaolo Salamone

This week's fantastic story comes to us from Kyra of Orange County, CA! Her story tells us that we can all take the time to show each other love and there is no better way to do so than by a small gift, which can mean the world...

"When I was in the second grade, our teacher told us that for Mother's Day we had to write about our moms. We would possibly be entered in a contest where we'd win a diamond for that special woman in our life we call Mom. I didn't have a question in the world what I was going to write about: my strong loving caring mother. We are a family of four girls and I was the youngest. We were always fighting for love since we weren't really told the words "I love you"; just bought materialistic things. As I began to sit and think, I told myself maybe mom doesn't know what love is. We had a dad who worked seven days a week which I'm sure was hard for mom. Everyday she made sure we were dressed, fed, and on time to school. She did everything for everyone but herself. I could tell she loved me but I wanted to hear those words. So I entered the contest. I wrote about how my mom was careless and a beautiful person. A few weeks later my teacher told me I won!! I was ecstatic!! I still remember that day. My mom picked me up from school and I read her my story about her and gave her the diamond and with tears in her eyes she told me that was the sweetest thing she has ever heard and she loved me to the moon and back. Still, to this day, I never let a moment go by where I don't tell my mom or anyone I love them. Some people may not be able to say it at first but once you do it's the best feeling in the world. Love, sweet love."

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Ann's Jewelry Story

StoriesPaolo Salamone

This week's story comes from Ann of West Chester, OH! Her story goes to show that no matter how small the piece of jewelry, the sentimental value can be enormous...

"When I was a little girl, my mother wore a small silver ring on her right hand. She usually wore "big" jewelry so this was out of character but she always wore it. It had the thinnest band I've ever seen, even to this day - more like a silver thread than band. The top of the ring looked like a small mountain with a flat top and the sides had delicate filagree detailing and one tiny diamond buried in the center. It was such a fascinating ring, so unassuming - my mother was anything but unassuming. But it was also elegant and she WAS that. When we were in church or anywhere she was contained so I could actually sit by her and just look at that ring, I studied it with a strange preoccupation. I was mesmerized by it and would rotate it slowly on her finger, examining it from all sides as if I were a gemologist. Then one day when I turned 13, my mother sat me down and explained the ring was now mine. This ring had been worn by all the women in her family and now it was my turn -  she explained that one day I would give it to my daughter and then she hers, and on and on. I wore that ring, imagining all the fingers this ring had graced. All the smart, beautiful, strong women that were part of my history. I spent years and years imagining passing along this small yet powerful representation of our womanhood to my daughter. Today a beautiful, newly married woman, my daughter wears this ring and every chance I get I sit on her right side so I can study that ring on HER finger and imagine the girls to come who will wear that ring."

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Walter's Jewelry Story

StoriesPaolo Salamone

Every week we will feature a story related to jewelry or a great jewelry shopping experience on our blog. This week's story comes from Walter of Cincinnati, OH and it really moved the staff here...

"After 28 years of happy and compatible companionship, sharing our lives in every way, my partner, Russell J. Speidel of Duttenhofer's Used Book Treasures in Clifton, Cincinnati, and I decided to get married as soon as possible after New York State passed a law making it possible to do so there. My brother, who had inherited the family summer cottage on Grenell in the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River in Upstate New York, immediately and generously and enthusiastically offered the place for our marriage. Shortly afterward, on September 3, 2011, Russ and I became husband and husband, in the presence of my daughter, her husband, and their then-baby, as well as my brother and his wife, at Alexandria Bay, N.Y. We were the first male same-sex couple in that county, and the service was performed by a charming and supportive female judge. Naturally we got our wedding rings at Paolo's (actually, we'd ordered them several years earlier, when we hoped to catch a deadline in San Francisco, Cal., that did not work out).
When Russ died after years of painful prostate cancer, on July 16, 2013, less than two years later, I equally naturally went to Paolo to get Russ' wedding ring refitted for my right-hand little finger, which seems appropriate for, not a "Merry Widow," but a gay widower. I have also taken to wearing his watch on the adjacent wrist, as well as my own on the other side, which not only provides a frequent reminder of our joys and my loss, but has also proved very convenient when I want to check the time without any one's noticing! Perhaps I'm setting more precedents than I realized?"

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